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M. J. Kaufman Elementary School8

Lake Charles, LA | Calcasieu County


June 22, 2011

I have called and called and it would be a week or more before the teacher returned my call. So I emailed and it still would be a week or more before I could communicate with my child's teacher. When he would bring home his progress papers for me to sign and there was a bad mark, as a parent I want to discuss this with the teacher and find the source of problem and correct it. This can not be done without communication between teacher/parent. Also the principal is a schmuck. You can not go to the school without notifying him first. And how can you do this when they will not call you back for weeks. When I did go there the principal made me feel unwelcome. I hate to know how a child feels under his supervision if he makes a concerned parent feel unwelcome..

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February 18, 2005

M.J. Kaufman had a skate night just for the students at M.J.Kaufman, the school did that to raise money for the Children's Mircale Network. My children had a great time seeing the teachers and the principal skate, they have not stopped talking about it. It was so much fun, the other school my children attended never had anything like this. The teachers at this school and the principal really care about the kids, something like this shows people's true colors! I feel great about my kids attending this school and trust my children with these teachers & Principal.

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January 21, 2005

My children attend M.J. Kaufman. I have never seen such dedicated teachers and the school's principal is awesome. I was at Kaufman this morning and the principal was talking to a parent about not dropping her child off on the wrong side of the road so the child didnt have to walk across the road where incoming traffic was coming. Not all Principals are at schoool that early let alone outside doing duty. The safety of Kaufman's students is wonderful. In the year 2002-2003 school year a robber ran into the school, with no concern for his (the principal) safety he chased the robber down and received an award from the Calcasieu School Board. When I go to the school I always feel very welcomed by the principal,teachers and staff, now mind you I hold my child accountable for his behavior, homework and respect too all adults at school.

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July 27, 2004

My children attended this school last year. I don't believe in their system at this school. If it weren't for the great teachers my children had I think I would have taken them out of this school. The principal doesn't like for the parents to go to the school without first notifing them. My children attened Nelson Elem. for years and I was always welcome. At M.J. Kaufman they do not take field trips and harldy have any time BUT SCHOOL TIME!!

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June 15, 2004

The teachers my children had & the education they received at this school were great. Everything else was horrible. Parent involvement seemed to be discouraged. We had several arguements with the principal, as he came across most times as if he really didn't want parents anywhere near the school during school hours. The cafeteria food was so spicy that my children refused to eat it - I couldn't even eat some of it! The P.E. room was so small and cluttered that my son hurt himself when he fell on a cardboard box during an indoor game. Recess was twice a day, about 10-15 minutes on a tennis court where girls have to play on one side, and boys on the other. They had to have a schoolwide lock-down last year due to safety issues. My children no longer attend this school & I hope they never go back.

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February 20, 2004

If it weren't for the teachers at this school, I would not have left my children here for the past four years. All of these teachers are 'angels'. They are here because they love our children. The parent particpation is getting better. As far as the principle goes, I wish he 'loved' the students and parents as much as the teachers do. As an involved parent, I just want to say, that we have to work together for our children. Thank you teachers, for loving our children, as if they were your own!

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December 6, 2003

I have been disappointed in the performance and level of eucation that my children have been receiving for the 2 years they have gone there. One of the teachers takes children out of other classes of their homework is not done. My oldest is in the 4th grade now, and is highly intelligent. There is no motivation given to him. In fact on his homework and schoolwork, he has to put down a student number. My child is not in college. He is an indvidual with an extremely underworked and under challenged mind. I would like to see AP classes for students like him instead of sending him off to another school for a few hours each work for SPARK or placing him in the Magnet school. At the very least, his teacher, who has acknowleged his intelligence, could lead him and teach him. I know it is hard teaching a class of 27. Take time out during recess to sit with my son and give him more challenging work. He has so much time left over in class that he finishes his homework in class most days. He does not enjoy going out at recess, so why cant' the teacher take that time to guide his young mind that is full of ideas, thoughts and plans.

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September 1, 2003

Kaufman Elementary offers wonderful teachers. As far as the principal goes he does not like the parents to involve themselves unannounced and I do not believe he has the students best intrest at heart. I am very pleased with the educational value my children are getting and the fact that the staff at Kaufman will go to the fullest extreme to help the students.

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